Friday, November 19, 2010

Workin' Maintenance

Have you ever had one of those "mommy days"? The days where you kinda' wanna' pull your hair out because you are wiping up something sticky off your floor for the 100th time? Sweeping every five minutes because cheerios just magically seem to appear out of nowhere? Loading the dishwasher...again? Fighting the mountain of laundry that could give Everest a run for its money? Yeah, me too.

Just keeping it real I've been know to do battle with myself over the day in and day outness (yes I know that's not a word) of being a "stay-at-home mom". I've wondered as I repeat the same tasks over and over, "How would one keep this job fresh and exciting??" And frankly I've drawn a blank. I was telling my bible study group this week how I sometimes think back to what I envisioned staying home with my kids looking daily crafts, picnics at the park, playing with dolls, dressing up, games etc. And while yes, we do all of these things, we definitely do not do all of these things everyday. Because somewhere in my ethereal dream of motherhood I forgot about the part where my house would get messy. Or my five year old would drop a glass jar full of jelly. Or my 10 month old would get poop all over...oh never mind you get the point.

So a couple of weeks ago I was chatting with Nate about my lack of motivation to do the same things over and over everyday and he said something that changed my life. Are you ready? He said, "You just have to think of it this way's like you're working maintenance."

And then I hit him.

Just kidding.

It actually really resonated with me. I suddenly looked at things in a whole new light. I think part of my problem had been that I somehow resented things for needing to be done over and over and over again. Instead of expecting them to need to be done over and over and over again. Realizing that it isn't the dishes (or any one's) fault that they are dirty again has been rather enlightening. This is just the way life works. A vicious cycle of routine and yes, it's my job to clean it up! I am after all MAINTENANCE MOM (que cheesy superhero music). And one other thing...I've decided if I'm going to take this whole maintenance thing seriously I really need a uniform. It would make me feel way more official....

With Christmas around the corner these bad boys are definitely at the top of my list!


Susan said...

I totally think that a nice tiara would make a nice fit to the ensemble! Thanks for keeping in real. I can completely relate! Had a poop explosion at our house just this morning. I'll stop there.

Tricia said...

I can relate. More times than I'd like to admit, I find that I've not left the house because I kept getting waylaid by unforeseen spills, stains, blowouts or other tedious household chores, and by the time it's all under control, it's time to make dinner and start the bedtime routine! How does that happen?! Speaking of, time to start the fifth load of laundry and vacuum the house... ugh.

Katy said...

Definitely add a tiara and a cape and I believe that outfit is perfect!! Had a bit of a pity party this week and this is a wonderful reminder of how "lucky" I am!

Case and Los said...

Okay... So you asked me why I travel so much. I'm not saying it's right, but the reason is, in part, because I struggle in the day-on-repeat a lot, so I like having something to look forward to, do, and debrief from:) It helps me break up life more:)
BUT, I will say that I love doing the dishes and laundry, only because I feel grateful that we can afford to have nice things and when I take out size 2T skinny jeans from the washer and put them next to grown up things drying, it melts my heart, and I know it's a short season... Not sure I'll be as graceful with number 2, but that's where I am now, feeling blessed.

Roxanne said...

Precious! I got a good laugh out of the uniform! You're so funny, Beth!

Jason and Jessica said...

Beth, I have really been struggling with this especially in the past two weeks while Jason is away. For some reason, it seemed like life was a piece of cake with just one kid and now to have two toddlers around has just stretched me to the max. I hate who I've become--that mom who loses it and yells. Yuck.

But thanks for the laugh (I totally laughed outloud when I read that you hit Nate for his comment) because I certainly needed a good laugh and I definitely needed the reminder.


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