Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Biscuits & Honey

Life can be busy. Even when it doesn't have to be I think I have a way of buzzing around and making it seem busy.

So this morning while Emerson was taking a nap, Carter and I had a rare moment. We sat down at the table together for biscuits and honey, just the two of us. We chatted about all the major things going on in her life. Like her recent dance recital and how much she loved performing. She told me about how they traveled as a class down the stairs and out onto the stage. When I asked her if she felt important she said, "No, I just felt prepared." Our conversation then moved on to how she wants to be a farmer when she grows up. I've known this for a while now, but this morning she shared her vision with me. She told me that she would start small and learn how to feed the animals and then move on to the hard stuff like milking a cow. But, the thing that I felt most enlightened by was when she shared with me that someday she would be 80, and she would not longer be my baby. Her exact words, "I won't be a baby anymore, I'll be a little grandmother." Precious.

As I sat and soaked up every little word that came out of her mouth I remembered that sometimes I need to buzz a little less and listen a little more. I remembered how absolutely nuts I am about her and everything that comes out of her mouth. And while I didn't have the heart to correct her I know that even when she's an eighty year old grandmother she'll still be my baby.


Roxanne said...

Absolutely priceless! I savor each and every story. Thank you for sharing that I might not miss a thing! I love you all so much!

Sam said...

Love it!! Wow...she is so sweet Beth! Happy Thanksgiving...I am so thankful for our friendship despite the miles that separate us :)!


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