Thursday, August 7, 2008


Our friends the Barton's have Crabs! I know that might not sound quite right, but they LITERALLY have crabs! They have so many in fact that they are channeling Bubba from Forest Gump, they're just making everything with crabs instead of shrimp. They are the proud new co-owners of a boat and took us out last week for a crisp evening of crabbing. We had such a great time. The whole experience was very "Northwestern". Carter just loves hanging out with her buddies Cooper and Connor and this night was no exception:

This little lady looks pretty cute sportin' her life jacket:
A stoic Connor as we attempt to get the boat going:
Carter's having fun just hanging out on the water:
Snacks were a most (the kids were appropriately eating goldfish):
After a minor setback we had to charge the battery so we were back on land...Carter and Cooper were telling me all about a fish they saw..."It was THIS big!"
A little draining water is quite entertaining when your two...
These two are just TOO cute! They are such great little friends to each other...
The Co-Captain of our ship Janelle hanging out with Cooper and Carter:
We're just ready to catch some crabs!

Round 2...Nate's persistence paid off and he got the boat started! By the way that water isn't exactly warm!

I think Carter was hoping maybe she could take a little crab home as a pet...
Off we was a beautiful night!

Janelle hauling in the first trap:
We weren't disappointed! There they are people...pretty cool huh!?
Thank you to the Barton's! We had a great time experiencing something completely new. Ya'll make living in Oak Harbor so much fun!


Elaine and Shawn said...

Two words....SO JEALOUS!!!!! I remember those delicious crabs!

Joni said...

I think you and Carter are ready for the "Deadliest Catch". LOL


lyndsay said...

Those pics. are adorable! I would love to go crabbin'. Remember in Destin all the crabs and we held some in the basement and it stunk so bad. fun times!

B E T H said...

Did I forget to mention Carter and I ARE going to be on the deadliest catch...they just saw my post and immediately phoned to say they want us...they think a baby on the show will appeal to mom's everywhere! :) Lyndsay, I don't remember the stinky crabs...but I'm getting old and I've had a baby and my mind isn't as sharp as yours, you're still young and sassy and cool!

Roxanne said...

Lyndsay, I remember the stench! ...and Beth, I think you don't because this was the summer you stayed in Texas


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