Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Grown Up

It's official. It hit me. I'm all grown up. After enjoying a week that has consisted largely of nothing but just being together we had our friends the Kephart's over for dinner. We are so thankful that they are a part of our lives. Carter (as I've mentioned before) loves Elli and Ava and that just works out GREAT because we really like their parents Marcus and Mindi. As we sat around after dinner chatting and laughing while our kids played in the background I had the realization that this is what grown ups do. They cookout, they visit, they watch their kids play. I also realized I really like being a grown up. Another thing that grown ups do is publicly share all the little and small things they love about their, I thought I would do that too! I had been meaning to share some pictures from the slumber party we had with Elli and Ava a couple of weeks ago so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Carter and I were really excited that they spent the night hanging out with us while their parents attended the Prowler Bawl. FYI the Prowler is a jet, that's what their dad does...he flies jets...that makes him real cool! Here's a little re-cap of our night...

3 Bathing Beauties...Check!
Fun in the Tub...Check!
Cute PJ's...Check!
Brush Teeth...Check!

Quick "performance" before bed...Check!Giggle before sleep...Check!Wake Beth up at the crack of dawn...CHECK, CHECK!!!! :)


Seriously...I love these girls!

I also wanted to introduce ya'll to Carter's new sister. Her babysitter "created" her for her while I was gone one afternoon. She told me she wanted me to take her picture with her sister...I'm thinking this may mean she is REALLY ready for a sibling!I also had to post this pic of the poster she worked SO hard on for her daddy. Isn't she just the cutest artist! I love this little chick!


Taylor and Dacia said...

love it! the video is hilarious! i agree about being a grown up. i'm lovin' it! :-)

Mindi said...

I think she IS ready for a sibling. Would you get busy on that, by the way!

lyndsay said...

I concur Mindi, Carter needs a little brother or sister!


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